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Fun Home

A few weeks ago, my Aunt and Uncle brought me along on a trip to see Fun Home in Downtown LA. There is a huge complex of theaters at the Performing Arts Center inDTLA, and there were several productions there on the night that we went. There is a theater for dance and opera, one for musicals, and one for the orchestra (when it doesn’t perform at Walt Disney Concert Hall, which is across the street from the Performing Arts Center). All of the theaters are connected by a large concrete courtyard, which houses a "permanent taco truck," which is where we grabbed dinner before the show.

The show itself was incredible. Its a musical based on the graphic memoir of Alison Bechdel (you may recognize her name from hergraphic novels and comics, and from the "Bechdel test," an idea that two of her comic characters discuss, which tests movies by whether or not two named female characters talk to each other alone about something other than a male character). Like Bechdel’s childhood, on which the show is based, the musicalis tragic, and emotional, and frenetic and joyful and confusing and beautiful.

I think the show is still in town on tour for a few more weeks, so perhaps it will overlap with Prefrosh Weekend! I highly recommend you see it when it tours to your town, if you can.