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Gifu and Nagoya (Short Post)


This is really rushed, so most of this will likely be pictures. Again, please go to Panoramio for more and better pictures: https://www.panoramio.com/user/2916748/tags/Japan&comments_page=1&photos_page=6 and http://www.panoramio.com/user/2916748/tags/Japan&comments_page=1&photos_page=7

More pictures when I get back from Nagano on Wednesday.


Gifu is a mountainous prefecture north of Aichi, perhaps famous for the World Heritage site Shirakawa-go. I went with some other kids to Gujo Hachiman, a small mountain town. There, we were able to go to Kawashima Aqua Aquarium, Gujo Hachiman Castle, a Fake Food producer, and Otaki Shonyudo, which is a large underground cave. Pictures below:


Nagoya is the third largest city in Japan, located to the northwest of Okazaki. While at Nagoya, I visited some parks, some shrines, the Nagoya TV tower, the Nagoya Dome, and the Nagoya Port. Pictures below:

Again, this is all rushed, so if you want more details, please comment. Many more pictures on Panoramio! Also, I’ve taken about 1000 pictures so far, but I can only host so many on Panoramio. If you want specific or more detailed pictures, please just request them and I will see if I have them. Thanks.


Tony Z. Jia