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Going out on a school night?!


Those giraffes are men with stilts on both their hands and feet! The musical was a lighthearted outing, a fun experience, and I’ve been humming the music since.

The student union here is a formidable six-person team. These students, once elected, take a year off from their studies to work full-time running the union! When I was applying for study abroad I was warned there would be too many activities offered by the union, but I didn’t believe it until I arrived. There are more activities than any one person could have time to enjoy- what a great problem! I haven’t spent too much time on campus yet, given the awesome day trips and sightseeing opportunities available, but through the student union I’ve managed to see three of London’s best dance clubs, ‘The Lion King,’ three great comedians, and multiple pubs. Let me emphasize that it’s only the first week of classes!

Last night was a big party for the freshman class (and us exchange students) at Ministry of Sound. MoS is undoubtedly the most highly regarded club in London and is frequently called the best club in the world! It was a great venue with fantastic music. One of the dance floors was even playing metal!

Katie Brennan