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Hello from London!

Hi everyone!
I made it safely! 😀 I almost missed my connection in
Washington, DC, because my first flight was delayed 45 minutes…I ran (like
Usain Bolt…haha gotta put in something for the Olympics :P) from D12 to C1 in
10 mins to make it to the second flight. When I arrived, I got through
immigration perfectly fine, but unfortunately my checked in luggage didn’t make
the connection. So, I’m hoping it arrives today. Anyways, I was able to meet up
with Cici Li, a senior ChemE who is studying abroad at Cambridge, at London
Heathrow airport (its really big!) even though we ended up in different
terminals than expected. We took the Tube (London’s public transportation
system-which really gets you everywhere, much more convenient than the LA
Metro) to meet up with Joel and George, two UCL students who were previously at
Caltech as exchange students for an entire year. They took us around London the
entire afternoon, and needless to say, I’m really excited for UCL! The
university is really in the heart of London and everything is within walking
distance. The weather was beautiful (Cici must have brought the lovely
California sunshine with her :P) and I took lots of photos so enjoy!

We only had some airplane food and some pizza all day, so we didn’t realize how famished and tired we were until we sat down at The Court for dinner. The food was great and here’s what Cici and I ordered:

Lack of sleep on a redeye flight and walking for several hours =time to sleep now.

I’ll be heading off to Greece tomorrow, but until next time, let me know if you want to see more photos, have any questions, or have any suggestions on places to visit in London, UK, or Europe 🙂

Jessica Yeung