Hi readers! It’s good to be back blogging again! I didn’t realize how many prefrosh read the blogs until they came to Tech and recognized me from them. It was a little surprising, but I hope what I write here gives you some insight into what it’s like to be a student at Tech, and maybe even convince you to come!

I’ll try and put photos up on every blog; this one personally reminds me of Dexter’s Laboratory. It’s of a freshman chemistry demo we caught on the way to lunch. The TA tossed different alkali metals (the ones on the very left) into the water. Moving down the periodic table, the reactions got bigger and bigger, though you can’t tell here.

This past term, I took what we call a ‘pizza class’. Usually, these are one-unit classes that meet once a week at lunchtime, where there’ll be food, hence the name. Professors will come in and talk to what their lab does and us about their current research. The pizza class I was in this term was at night, and didn’t provide food :(. But the lectures made up for it: food for thought, perhaps.

I learned about the research of professors relating to CNS, which stands for computational neural systems. Earlier this year, Caltech hosted a TEDx event about the brain; so instead of me doing the explaining, I’ll let the experts talk:


Well, first term sophomore year was much harder academically than being a frosh on pass/fail, and I think complex analysis gets me closer to being Ironman, at least that’s the goal.

Till next time,