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Help Japan! Charity Event at Little Tokyo

One of my friends from Virginia came to visit Caltech this week, so Michael, Sarai, Ben, and I decided to take him to visit Los Angeles. First, we stopped by Chinatown, where we found a random restaurant to eat. We were sitting next to an aquarium with fishes, two of which were kissing…a couple of us found it rather amusing, but I didn’t get a picture of it. Anyway, the food was also amazing, it was nice to get some Chinese food once in a while.

Afterwards, we made our way to Little Tokyo, where I’ve been to many many times. They have a lot of stores. Some sell cute Asian mechandise, such as totoros and domos. One such store have new things every time I go — they sell out so quickly. This time there were awesome hamtaros that vibrates when you pull on their tails. There are also stores that sell more traditional Asian things such as fans, etc. For anime lovers, there are two stores that sell imported anime and manga merchandise from Japan. Finally, there are also a lot of Japanese restaurants and snack places. The street side snack shops are especially awesome, they sell snacks like takoyaki and mochi ice cream.

All of you probably know about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan recently. To raise awareness and funding to help Japan, there was a charity event on Saturday. There were performances throughout the day and many volunteers walked around with boxes getting donations. I’m proud to say that we contributed đŸ™‚

A singer performing for the charity event


Jenny Yung