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Hey, You, Over There!

Hey Guys (and Gals)! Welcome to my blog! My name is Brad and I’m a freshman here at the wonderful California Institute of Technology (henceforth referred to as ‘Caltech’) hailing from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Even though we don’t declare our majors until the end of the third term of our frosh year, I intend to double major in Applied and Computational Mathematics and Business Economics and Management (i.e. ACM & BEM). Soooo what do I want to do in this first introductory blog post?…. Introduce my blog. Bet ya weren’t expecting that!
I’m a pretty diverse guy; you can find me doing anything from clubbing to playing DotA [DotA 2 i.e. – Yeah I got a Beta Key ^_^] to reading a book [if I have the time while at Tech] to running around campus in my florescent orange running jacket [I’ve been told that it makes me look like a highlighter but that’s cool too] to well… almost anything really. Likewise, my blog is going to be pretty diverse as well, not only based on what I said before but also because I’m international! So I get to do all those fun strangers in a strange land thing like… umm… psets, what are those? Haha.

There are a few things that will make my blog a bit unique. Firstly, my roommate is Muneeb Imtiaz, another blogger on the site. We’re really similar in a lot of ways and really different in some ways, sometimes we find ourselves wondering if we’re the same person… seriously, it happens. Anyway to the point! Given our vast similarities and that we live in the same room, have a lot of the same friends and to top it off do so many things together, you can think of our blogs as two personalities growing in almost the same environment, kind of a like a controlled science experiment. It should be exciting to see what we choose to blog about! I assure you it most likely won’t be on the same topics.

Secondly, I’ve been trying to get into amateur photography! You’re probably thinking “sure that’s cool but what’s it got to do with me?” Am I right or am I right? Here’s your answer: I am training my photographer’s eye by taking pictures around campus, so not only do you get experiences through my writing but you can see what the campus looks like! I think that this is particularly helpful for the International kids since they usually can’t visit the campus, I know that I couldn’t. I’ll try to upload a picture with every blog post so that I can show off my awesome photography skills in the making [I’m using my iPhone so don’t get your hopes up haha], and so that you can see our [and hopefully your] gorgeous campus!
Yeah yeah, I know, I’m almost done. Just a couple more things. COMMENTS!! I love comments so be sure to leave some. Doesn’t have to be anything specific; if you like a picture or want to know more about an adventure just comment and let me know. Also I’ll try to cover campus events sometimes with video or pictures so look out for those. I guess that’s it. School is cool guys! See ya.

Oh and here’s your first look at Caltech:

Brad Chattergoon