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Home Sweet Home

Walking back to my room laden with food, I unexpectedly ran into someone I knew — actually, four someones I knew. The other Techers had arrived! We had ourselves a proper reunion celebration in which Michael tried to pick me up and knocked me in the jaw with his skull (that really hurt for the next couple days) before agreeing to meet again for dinner.

When I arrived for dinner, the others were already pretty much done cooking. I supervised as they finished, but I contributed by helping to eat all the food they had cooked; my conscience doesn’t let any food go to waste. After dinner, we opened a bottle of wine we had bought simple because we could — but it was cheap and tasted terrible, so instead of drinking it, we sat and exchanged stories about our summer and respective journeys to Denmark.

Soon, the jet-lagged Techers headed off to bed, and I returned to my room to finish getting settled into my home for the next four months.