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Home to the Beach

Most people who move to Caltech are excited about how they’re moving so close to the ocean. I was lucky enough to grow up two blocks from the ocean, and now I spend most of the year deprived of it. Now that it’s summer, however, we have time for regular beach trips, and I know just the place to take all of my Caltech friends…

Going to college close to home has it’s advantages. So do parents who are cool with their daughter bringing thirty plus people home with them when they visit. The actual conversation I had with my parents for this trip went something like this:
Me: "So how many people can I invite?"
Parents: "Well you’ve never brought too many people home with you before."
Me: "So let’s say sixty people show up, is that going to be a problem?"
Parents: "It might be difficult for everyone to find parking, but It will probably be fine. Just give us a heads up when you have a more concrete idea of how many people are coming."
Sweetness. Now you may have noticed in the above picture a natural arch in the rocks. Through the arch is one of my favorite places in the world:

The most epic tide pools ever. We saw hermit crabs, sand crabs, shore crabs, barnacles, limpets, sea anemones, mussels, a variety of snails, chitons, opaleye and sculpin fish, knobby sea stars, and probably other species that I’m forgetting. The rocks are volcanic and riddled with quartz, and the cliff is eroding sandstone. Speaking of the cliff…

It’s pretty fun to climb. And there’s a pretty sweet view from the top…

And now shout out to my fellow bloggers, Adityaand Demetris.

By chance, I got a picture of the two of them playing frisbee.

And I suppose I should also mention that it was my birthday, so it was really great to celebrate it both at home and with my Caltech family.

It was a very good day.