How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

One of the highlights of having to come back early from the Ge 1 field tripwas getting to see what Blacker did for Interhovse. I’d never seen How to Train Your Dragon, so after we took a tour of Blacker’s interpretation, my roomie, Gauri (you’ll meet her furreal later), made me go watch it. (: Only afterwards did we both realize just how thorough Blacker was. It’s clear they had a lot of fun with their theme. Without further ado, some pictures:


That huge monster thing of which even the dragons are scared.

Even the snacks were so meticulously crafted!

Caltech is secretly actually an art school. (; PSA: If you haven’t seen How to Train Your Dragon yet, please do. Like, right now. Thanks. Or just leave, because there are spoilers below. O: <3.

Keep lookin’ up, Jenny.


  • cute dragon
  • the realistic ending
  • all the struggles Boo:
  • assuming all dragons respond the same way to everything even though they’re different types
  • the girl. nonono. too cheesy. did she even really like him?