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Huntington at last!

So Sarai and I had planned to go to Huntington Library and Gardens since almost two months ago, but somehow something came up every weekend and we never made it. Finally, we got around to going there during Spring Break!
On Friday, Sarai, Carrie, Albert, and I walked to Huntington. We were greeted by beautiful trees and flowers as soon as we walked past the entrace. All four of us brought a camera, and I took quite a few pictures. First we checked out the gardens with a lot of sculptures, trees, and flowers (not quite sure what it was called.) I realized on the trip that these are my favorite flowers (unfortunately I don’t know what they are called — anyone care to enlighten me?):

Next, we went to the Conservatory, with the Rain Forest, Cloud Forest, and Bog. You can actually see mists and clouds in the Cloud Forest:

It was around then that I started getting ridiculous allergic reactions to the pollen thoroughout the Gardens. I’m sure that my sniffling provided my companions some great music as we headed towards the Chinese Gardens. The view was absolutely amazing, and I feel in love the white bridge:

We went along the path to the Japanese gardens. They had a replica of a Japanese style house, complete with a traditional tea room. There was also a nice bamboo garden and bomsai garden. I never knew there were so many different types, shapes, and sizes. We also stopped by the lily pond, but it wasn’t the season for lilies 🙁
Our last stop was the desert garden. It was much larger than I expected. I loved the cacti! There were so many different types, some tiny, some huge.

A snippet of the desert garden
We left after looking around the desert garden. We actually only visited around half of the gardens Huntington, haven’t seen Jungle Garden, Subtropical Garden, etc. We also didn’t look at any of the galleries or the art collection. We’ll probably go back some other day and visit more :)**

Jenny Yung