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I got in a fight with a door…and lost.

The reason why I have not written a post in about a week is because…well, I have a concussion. Tuesday night we got out of basketball pretty late, and the kitchens had already closed, so I was kind of angry. I was not really thinking/paying attention when I swiped my card to get into Avery. As I yanked the door open, I suddenly had this intense pain in my forehead and I had no idea why. In about half a minute I realized that the metal door was against my head, and I deduced that I had in fact slammed the door into my face. I thought it was no big deal, and luckily no one had witnessed this horribly embarrassing moment. Well, later that night, as I was showering, it looked as if the walls were closing in on me, and my vision was starting to blur, so…I went to bed. This was a bad idea, and I know that, but it was around midnight. I had to go to sleep. Anyways, basically I felt horrible the next day, and every day since then, and when I visited both the athletic trainer and the Health Center they told me I had a concussion. They said it could take anywhere from a week to a few weeks before I would get better. So, for the past week I have been dealing with headaches and being intensely confused. I randomly forget what I am talking about in the middle of conversations, and I cannot focus too long on reading or work, or else I get a headache and become very confused. So, seeing as this upcoming week is midterms week, the Dean told all of my professors that I may need extensions on my midterms until I can think again…AHHH! I’d rather not get extensions, but I also would not want to take my midterms if I can’t think…

So, I have still been going down to the machine shop, I just haven’t been able to machine. So, luckily my AWESOME partner Will has been doing all of the machining. I have been working on the little things that require no thought whatsoever, or at least the things that if I screw up, it would be easy to fix. We have our second deadline on Tuesday, and we are pretty much ready for it. I have to program the controller today and fix up the shell of the robot, and then on Monday we will test it out. Tuesday I will bring my camera and take some pictures, and the rest of the blog today will just be pictures. I got the ones from the last competition off of my phone and onto my computer (the quality is not that great) and then I also took pictures of the wheels we made for the robot. The dark gray plastic around the edges are the tires, and the little squares of plexiglass are the paddles. Have fun looking at the pictures, and I’ll write another blog Tuesday night (hopefully I won’t be so confused!)

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