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In Which The Food Blog Turns into an Anime Blog (Part 3)

Day 4
Suddenly, it’s the last day of the convention! What happened?!
Helpful note: things tend to go on sale on the last day of conventions because artists and merchants don’t want to carry all of their stuff back, so they try to sell their stuff as much as they could. We woke up early to wait in line to snag any merch anyone might’ve been eyeing. The line was significantly shorter than the line on the first day, and we managed to get a spot in the shade.
When the hall opened, everybody wandered off to do more things. Some friends and I headed over to the Artist’s Alley for any last-minute impulse buys. I was going to buy more prints but suddenly got caught up in Pokemon trading. There was an artist’s booth with a little gashapon machine that spits out a pin with a random Pokemon on it when you input four quarters.Although I got some pins from the machine before, they weren’t the Pokemon I was looking for, so I decided to camp out next to the machine and try to trade my pins with other people.

I’m sure the artist made tons of profit off of us. I probably would’ve stayed next to that machine for the rest of the day if not for the fact that my friends wanted to go back to Caltech.
And so ends an exciting four-and-a-half days of Anime Expo. Luckily, none of us got con sickness (a disease similar in nature to frosh plague). Our wallets significantly flatter than before, we metro’d back to Tech tired, but satisfied.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled food blog…

Chengyi L