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Inter A Cappella Funtimes, Part 2

Ever since the Pipettes began, we’ve been looking forward to watching Pitch Perfect 2 together. All girls group, a cappella, mashups? Right down our alley. The May 15 premiere seemed infinitely far in the future, but as the months flew by, our dreams of singing all the way to the theater didn’t seem so distant. There were also thoughts of somehow organizing all of the a cappella groups to go together, but that seemed like a scheduling mess, considering the pains it takes to schedule one rehearsal for one group (see: The Pipettes).

One night at cooking class, I heard Evan, a senior cooking TA and member of the Keytones, talking to Tom Mannion about Pitch Perfect 2. It turned out he was telling Tom about the possibility of all of the a cappella groups going to watch Pitch Perfect together, and Tom had agreed to give us tickets for a showing. We all went back to our respective a cappella groups to share the good news, made a Facebook event, and began the journey to unite forty-some people to go watch a movie together
22 of us ended up going on May 16, at 11:10 p.m., to revel in the cinematic excellence that is Pitch Perfect 2. We took up three and a half rows of super comfortable, spacious, reclining seats. Here’s a grainy selfie that includes three random people who weren’t even part of our group:

I sat next to Rachel (and Audrey, pictured in the bottom of the selfie):

This was probably the most comfortable I have been at a movie showing. Every time there was a joke on screen, I could hear specific people in the back laughing. When the Barden Bellas went on a retreat, the groups that had recently been on retreats started cheering. We stumbled out of the theater at 1:30 a.m., discussing the merits of the music and inanity of the plot points. We all really enjoyed the movie (and the free tickets — thanks Tom!!) and the experience of watching it in a theater full of fellow a cappella enthusiasts.