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Kit Day :D

So as I’ve mentioned in many previous posts, I’m a Health Advocate in training here at Caltech. That means I receive my EMR (emergency medical responder) certification and equipment for free in exchange for being "on call" in my house all the time. Lots of Health Ads are premed. Many are not. I’m not, I just like to be well educated.

Mostly, Health Ads are on call for bumps and bruises. Occasionally, we’ll be called in for someone who doesn’t feel well or who took a nasty fall. This is partly for our own sake – because sometimes people feel more comfortable going to a fellow student instead of the health center – and partly for the sake of our health center, to reduce thevisits where all they say is "drink lots of fluids and wait it out". We sometimes act as mini dispensaries for Band-Aids and thermometers, because Caltech knows we don’t have time to go out and buy these things and sometimes, people just need Band-Aids.

That’s really all there is to say about that. It’s Thursday of Week 6. Midterms are officially over but I haven’t taken my first midterm yet (it’s an in-class test next Tuesday). We have Monday off and this weekend is full of exciting events – Fleming’s Wine and Candlelight, Ricketts’ Interhouse, and Valentines’ Day. More about that next time.