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LA Museum of Ice Cream

The LA Museum of Ice Cream is a pop-up in the LA Arts District. The 1 month long exhibit follows an extremely popular summer pop-up in NYC. The LA pop-up is much larger than the NY pop-up and the food samplesare different is well. The samples consisted of: a scoop of ice cream from a local ice cream shop (the shops rotate so samples from different dates have different flavors and brands), mint chip mochi ice cream, charcoal cookie dough, gummy bears, and a pink pancake ice cream sandwich with french toast flavored ice cream. The exhibit is sequential, meaning you start in one room and make your way through all the rooms in order. The only rule is that you can’t go backwards! My friends and I bought the tickets way in advance and went during opening weekend (April 22-23) – they are all sold out now, but they are supposed to reopen in June. *The pictures shown aren’t in any order and don’t show all the museum has to offer!