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Learn to glaze ceramics


Ceramics class at Caltech is held in the evening at the Polytechnic High School across the street. Aside from various pottery materials and tools, they have 2 kilns: one for firing them and one for setting the glaze. These are high fire kilns, which means that the finished pieces will be food safe, microwave safe, and even oven safe!


Step 1: It’s important to paint on a layer of wax on any part of the piece that’ll touch the surface of the kiln rack, as well as a 1/4 in rim around it. The instructor also noted that wax brushes should be rinsed with hot water right away to prevent ruining the brushes. Glaze basically creates a layer of thin glass on the pot, and gives it additional structural integrity. The wax prevents glaze from dripping onto the kiln and melding the pot to the tray.

Results and Discussion

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