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Liquified Fat and Protein

Cheese fondue is the food of Roommmate S’s homeland, so she’s been bugging everyone about making it for a while before Roommate N caved in and agreed to make it. I was still a bit skeptical about the healthiness of this meal because it’s carbohydrates dipped in liquified fat and protein, but Roommmate S couldn’t be stopped.

Since I have no knowledge of this strange foreign food, Roommate S took over. Using a recipe from her parents, she gathered up the ingredients necessary (some mysterious assortment of cheeses, spices, and things). Meanwhile, Roommate N made baguettes last night because we’re too cheap to buy them.

All seemed good and well. We grated the cheese and put all the ingredients in a crock pot. The cheese started melting, and then…

Seems… legit…?
It seemed like the crock pot wasn’t hot enough, so, instead of melting into a nice cheesey goo, the protein and fat just separated. The lumpy white thing had a delicious-seeming rubbery texture, and I was really tempted to just eat it, but Roommate S demanded perfection. So on the stove it goes!

The higher heat from the stove did the job; the protein blob melted and mixed together with the liquified fat, forming the thick liquid we know as fondue.

In fact, you almost can’t tell that it’s just a slurry of liquified fat and protein anymore! With that done, we dumped the cheese back in the crock pot. The crock pot was actually quite hot — it’s just that the ceramanic pot it came with is a bad conductor of heat, so it and the food inside were taking a long time to heat up to a high temperature. I guess this is why crock pots are meant for slow cooking…

I never had legit fondue before, and I must say that bread-and-cheese-the-dinner was quite tastey. I quite like the texture of the cheese-covered bread. Of course, you get full super fast from the large amounts of fat and protein in the cheese, but that’s how fondues work.
Too bad cheese is super expensive. It costs more than meat! Terrible, terrible…
Final Verdict: 8/10, tasty, but make me feel bad afterwards…

Chengyi L