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Long weekends are long

And tautologies are tautologies. But yes, due to Martin Luther King Day, we had a 3 day weekend this weekend, which lead to lots of fun and even more good food. On top of that, my friend Christine had a friend named Helen from another college visiting, so we made sure to give her an especially good time. Combined with beautiful weather (80 degrees and sunny all weekend), we had a lot of fun.

We started the weekend on Friday night by going out shopping in Glendale, which was a short drive away. I didn’t end up buying anything, but some of my friends got some cute things for interhouse parties later in the term. Being the girls we were, we looked at fancy dresses; one thing I thought was really interesting is that Helen said she never needs formal dresses. Here at Caltech, we have a formal dinner every term, so I have quite a collection of dresses stored in my closet (my mom saw my closet when she visited and has since banned me from buying dresses for a while… oops :D).

The next day, my roommate, my boyfriend, his roommate, and I went out for dinner and dessert in San Gabriel. On Friday, I had done several social science experiments (many economics and political science labs run these and use Caltech students as subjects) to earn some extra cash. The first experiment I did, we earned money by selling tickets for certain amounts. In the second (which was much more fun), we did a simulation where we bought and sold stocks based on their behaviors. This sounds nerdy, but it’s really cool to see what you’re learning in Ma2b come to real life! Anyways, by the end of the day, I had accumulated about 50 dollars for less than 2 hours of work… not bad! This is one of the nice things about having such a small campus; it’s very easy to find out about these opportunities and there isn’t a lot of competition to get them. But anyways, with that money in my pocket, dinner was a lot of fun! We got beef noodles for dinner (not my favorite, but that’s okay), and then went to mango shaved ice right next door! Yum! Here’s a picture showing my enjoyment:

Melody Morris