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Lurvely Surprises

Lurve is in the air! It’s Valentine’s Day, just in time for the three-day weekend. Throughout the week, the girls and guys of the houses have been plotting Valentine’s Day surprises. The Ruddock girls took over the house library and kitchens last night, with signs like these gracing the doors to discourage potential intruders:

Behind closed doors, we busted out the glitter pens, stamps, and stickers to make cards for all 90 Rudd men. It got a little chaotic, and empty table space was soon nonexistent (photo creds to Chloe):

But in the end, with people coming in and out of the library, we made all 90 cards (p.c.c.):

I made about six cards, and ended up spending another hour and a half working on the cookies, which was the other part of our surprise. Sprinkles don’t stick very well on just-baked sugar cookies, but we tried (p.c.c.):

Some cookies were deemed too ugly to be given as gifts, so we ate them. They didn’t taste ugly. I went back to my room for the night, but other people packaged up the cookies with the cards (2 each, total of 180 cookies) and delivered them to the doors of all male Rudds. I woke up too late to see any of them this morning, but once I finally got out of bed (12:30), my roommate showed me that we had some surprises of our own waiting outside of our door: