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Macaroni and Real Cheese

Friend L really wanted macaroni and cheese and went ahead and bought the materials before anyone could object. And so once again we were roped into making things that we weren’t planning to — whatever, mac and cheese is delicious.

The cheese we had wasn’t very quality–it was your Generic Supermarket Brand, but at least it’s not cheese product or cheese food. Since we were turning the cheese into mac and cheese, we didn’t feel too bad about using terrible cheese.
Proof that we’re using real cheese (although the grated cheese looks kind of like fake powder cheese in this photo). The cheese sauce recipe was found in a cookbook somewhere by someone, and it used roux (mildly cooked flour-and-water mixture) as a base–roux is French, so this must be legit.
Protip: Get a legit pepper grinder. This way, your pepper grinder won’t break on you halfway through grinding and dump tons of peppercorns in your food.
To make it slightly more fancy, we’re making baked mac and cheese. Baking the mac and cheese gives it a nice carmelized crust that is delicious. It also makes the flavors mix together better. Or something. The crust consituted of breadcrumbs, reall crappy powdered cheese, and garlic (because garlic is delicious).
We baked it for quite a while until we decided that we wanted to eat food already, so we turned the broiler on so the mac and cheese would crust.
The finished product:

Final verdict: peppercorns/10

Chengyi L