Mes derniers deux jours pres de Paris

Mes derniers deux jours pres de Paris

Despite having work, my last two days in Paris were awesome.

I was leaving early Wednesday morning, so Monday and Tuesday night were the last nights to really enjoy friends and the city before taking off.

Well it was coming down to my last day in France!!!! It was a hectic day, filled with me scrambling around, working on my project a bit, getting required signatures for checkout, etc.

I finally said farewell to my mentor! It was so sad to realize that the personal interaction was over! We discussed the project a bit, and what we had to finish up (it proves to not be that much). I said bye and that was it! Done with math in France! The paper will be completed very soon after I get back, and I also plan on writing my program in Matlab in order to make it more widely distributable.

That night I just began to pack and clean up. Finally, later in the evening, all my Ecole Polytechnique friends came to wish me farewell, so we had a little party :) I’m gonna miss that group!

I’m gonna miss these kids! Anyway, that night I got no sleep (I was busy packing/cleaning/preparing for my huge voyage). Thanks to my friends Lee and Mario for helping me carry my stuff to the train station! I had so many bags! Somehow, despite the fact that I bought more stuff in Europe, I must have been much more efficient with my packing in comparison to when I left the states because I fit everything quite easily in my bags and even had space to spare! I left Ecole Polytechnique at 7 AM Paris time. I traveled a long time, from Paris to Montreal to Vancouver to Los Angeles. I got to Caltech around 9 AM Paris time, the next day. That means I was traveling for 26 hours, on no sleep the night before! But no problem, Caltech will prepare you for this kind of thing! ;-) Anyway, it seems as though this blog is coming to an end. I’m a bit sad to end it because it’s very much a symbol that continues to tie me to my research experience and exciting adventures throughout Europe this summer. However, I had to leave France, and now I have to leave you! I hope you all the best in whatever adventures you guys have! Please never hesitate to get to know me at Caltech! I hope my blog was as fun for you as this summer was for me! Yours truly,Anton –Anton Mario Bongio KarrmanApplied and Computational MathematicsCaltech ‘11