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Midnight Donuts and Class Registration

Hi Everyone!

Well, it’s the middle of the week. I have a lot to get done in this particular week. We’re getting into crunch time on my project class, but I don’t want to work while I’m home for Thanksgiving so we have 16 hours of group work planned for this week.

I’m tutoring, finishing sets early, and starting projects for my cognitive psych class and mixed-mode IC class.

And then there’s midnight donuts.

Midnight donuts happens once a term; the student council (ASCIT) drives a truck out to a donut store and buys a whole bunch of glazed pastries. The favorite is always the donuts topped with fresh strawberries. They set out all the donuts on a table on the Olive Walk and don’t let anybody touch them until midnight.

Here you can see a crowd of students congregating at the donut table before midnight. We also have Monday morning bagels every week, but those are far less in demand.

This morning was class registration. It went OK, I got all the classes I wanted. We don’t really have issues getting into major-required classes, but there’s fierce competition for the best humanities classes. Humanities classes make up the majority of the limited-seating classes here; the rest just adjust the number of TA’s, recitations, etc. based on enrollment.

I suppose that’s all the interesting things that have happened this week. I’ve had a pretty busy day, so I think I’ll sign off.

Until next time,