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Misc fun activities (including Ditch Day video!)

Sorry for the long delay in posting; summer is a time when the days begin to blend together, and a long time flies by without being noticed. I’ll catch you all up in two posts, one talking about everything fun I did (serving as a photo dump) and one with reflections on everything being learned this summer.

First, for anybody who is interested in what Caltech Ditch Day is like, my stack put together a video this year from a GoPro they brought along: the link is the following:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jtq6JAeJDWgIn case watching kids beat each other up with sticks in increasingly creative (or destructive?) ways is a hobby of yours.

Part1: Food adventures!
So I’m starting to get a bit more adventurous with my cooking, seeing as it’s summer after all and I have much more time to cook. I gave green onion pancakes from scratch a shot, and while they’ve still been a bit starchy (probably too much flour, not enough oil?) I’ve gotten a lot better at them, particularly their swirls of layers effect (each pancake comprises many layers and is looped in a rough spiral shape). Photo evidence of my culinary competence below.

I also managed to give my familiar Mapo Tofu recipe a new shot, and it turned out very satisfactorily this time! I was born in Szechuan and so identify heavily with Szechuanese cuisine, which makes me extremely happy that I can make this dish 😀

That’s about it in terms of the fun stuff I’ve done for the past month. Stay tuned for a more serious story!