Moments of Joy, Part II

Moments of Joy, Part II


At dinner sometimes, we arbitrarily float people–that is, dump jugs of water on their heads. Most of the time it is for some infraction of the rules, such as texting during dinner (breaking the “No reading” rule) or leaving one’s chair out. A popular infraction is hitting a student waiter with bread. The poor sophomore in this picture is being floated with a jug of red and a jug of yellow liquid for wearing cool pants. Her sentence: “Condiments are meant to be eaten, not worn.”

One of our upperclass counselors, or UCC’s, hosts a weekly social event she calls “Turtle Time.” This is the new House President, Patrick, squaring off in a jousting match with head of OPI construction, Jerry.

Caltech ASCIT sponsored a school-wide trip to the Pasadena ice-skating rink to relieve midterms stress. I was quite glad that my friend decided to drive us, because walking back after my ankles were sore from skating would have been an absolute pain.

Boba run to TPumps, the new tea store on nearby Lake Street. I ordered honey boba in black tea with neopolitan flavor (hence the chocolate syrup on the sides of the cup).

On the way back we saw our Math 1a professor, Netz Katz, taking a walk… He’s that little red speck in the distance.

Another way we have fun at dinner is to play games afterward. Here, representatives from each table are trying to steal each other’s bread, or “buns.”

Valentine’s Day rolled around once more. Card-making for friends and with friends is an absolutely wonderful way to spend a Friday night! Most likely to be continued…

Till next time, Anita