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More Celebrations!

Last Friday was Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day (IGED)
hosted by the Caltech Society of Women Engineers (SWE). The name is pretty
self-explanatory, but we basically introduce high school girls to what
engineering and science is like through lab tours, demonstrations, design
contest, and more. As historian, I took photos during the design contest, in
which the girls were given some materials to construct a structure that could
hold to most weight (books). I think the girls had fun and hopefully some of
them will put some serious thought into becoming scientists or engineers

So this past weekend, we played against Biola on Saturday
and Arizona Christian University on Sunday. We won 7-2 for both matches. The
women’s tennis team is off to a good start undefeated (3-0) so far. Our next
match will be our first SCIAC match of the season against Cal Lu this Friday.

Wish us luck? It’ll be a tight match.

There were a ton of birthdays this past weekend. Avery has a
email list dedicated towards special events, which you can request to take the
“special” person off and plan surprises for them. Thus, there was lots of cake,
sweets, and card signings this past weekend.

It was Jessica’s 21st birthday this past weekend,
so a small group of us surprised her by kidnapping her from her problem sets
and taking her out for dinner. We went to Golden Deli, which is a typical
Vietnamese restaurant and has delicious pho. We visited D’ ange Bakery
afterwards to get her some egg tarts. It’s been a busy weekend, so it was nice
to take a break from Caltech and catch up with these girls.

Jessica 🙂

Jessica Yeung