Moving into Braun

Moving into Braun

Hey everyone! Sorry it took such a long time for me to post–I have been super busy moving into my new room and beginning my senior year at Caltech! My month at home in San Diego was the best! I spent a lot of time with my family, celebrated my birthday, and got to relax after such a hectic summer. I even got to help out for Caltech undergrad recruiting by visiting some high schools in San Diego—including my high school, Westview High. All in all, I really enjoyed myself.

Moving back to school was pretty rough–but I was so excited to finally settle in since I have been relocating and traveling so much these past 3-4 months. My dad was able to borrow a big truck from the engineering company he works at to make it easy to haul all of my stuff over. Thank goodness for the truck–because I have no idea how we would have done it otherwise!

After driving 2 hours up to Pasadena from San Diego, we had to unload and start moving into my new room in Braun (off-campus housing). It was unfortunate that we arrived around lunchtime, because the sun was really hitting down on us, and the heat was almost unbearable.

The room was so much bigger than the singles I have had in Fleming—and I was so excited about all the storage space! In my new room, I put in a fridge, microwave, and food cabinet since I will be eating off-board; I also wanted to put my couch that I’ve had since sophomore year into it too since I had all the space. Let’s just say I had a lot of stuff I wanted to have in my senior room–I like to live comfortably! I loaned my couch to some freshman in my house last year since it didn’t fit into the room I had when I was a junior. The deal was, however, whenever I needed to move the couch into a new place, they would be the ones to be responsible for carrying it wherever it needed to go. So when I called them to let them know I was moving into a second-floor room in Braun, they knew what they had to do.. :) We did have some problems getting it in through my door—It was really a puzzle, and there was a point when we all thought we wouldn’t be able to get it to fit through. But then, where would I sit?!?—eventually we got it to go by temporarily removing the wooden feet on the bottom of the couch…

Anyway, a lot of moving/hauling/lifting/organizing/unpacking has happened since I arrived in Pasadena this past weekend—but I am FINALLY moved in! I want to really thank my wonderful parents and younger sister for helping me out during this move—I know it was SO HOT outside and I had soo much stuff…I really could not have done any of it without you guys! You are awesome!