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Music, Pool, RC Cars, and New Beginnings

Last Friday a big group of us went to Pomona College for a Lupe Fiasco concert. It was an awesome experience because it was my first time on another California college campus and because we got to mingle with students outside of Tech. B.o.B opened for Mr. Fiasco, and had the crowd roaring from the very beginning (you might know him for his currently #1 song in LA, "Nothin’ on You"). After the concert we stayed to tour the large campus and hung out at their student center for a little bit before heading back to Tech.

The rest of the weekend was also relaxing (good for us because this week is finals week!) and we decided to enjoy Saturday afternoon by doing what we do best in the Ricketts lounge: play pool — although that’s debatable because we recently acquired and refurbished a ping pong table and many Skurves have been seen taking turns at the paddles. But anyhow, at one moment we I was able to capture a big group of our frosh gathered around the pool table on that mellow Saturday afternoon. You will agree with me that their faces reflect the passion for the game in our house:
We’ve also been big on documentaries lately. Saturday night we played a documentary on sharks in the lounge, and followed it with another on aquatic life. When I first came down to the lounge I thought it was strange that we were watching this instead of a movie, but I stuck around (you had to see the look on people’s faces, they seemed to be hypnotized by the screening) and I became really fascinated, especially by the segment on the enormous size of schools of fish and their homogeneous movements. Later that night, we passed by Ruddock to check out their Interhouse party, OPI. Although the dance floor was in the courtyard and it was pouring outside, the Rudds covered the dance floor with a tarp to make an impermeable dance floor. In the silent seconds between the end of a song and the beginning of the next, it was funny to hear the rain hitting the tarp because it sounded like when you take a shower with a shower cap on over your ears. After dancing the night away, we want back to Ricketts for a good night’s rest.

Yesterday the ME 72 (Mech E Design Class) Competition took place in the Braun Gym. The competition involved a number of concurrent challenges, including flying blimps through hoops and collecting and depositing ping pong balls with an rc car. The bleachers were full with curious students (like my friends and me!), faculty, and potential employers. The atmosphere was very fun and quirky. I’ll let the photographs speak for themselves:

This one makes me think of Quidditch:

Basically what’s going on here is that the car on the platform (left) is preventing the other (right) from coming up the ramp by smashing it. The "clank" noise was very loud and exciting.

And now my friends, finals have officially begun (And we’re done with Pass-Fail!). The Fleming Cannon has just been fired (at 5:01:08 PM to be precise)! The math and physics finals were handed out today, and the others will be released by Friday. Tonight my European Civilizations class is meeting at our professor’s house for a dinner and then some casual conversation, that should be a very nice experience. I’m off now to start studying for my math final, I will tell you guys more at the end of the week. Cheers! Oh, and best of luck with all the admissions decisions.

Juan Cardenas