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My Brother’s Keeper

Hey guys!
The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) was a couple of weeks ago, and maybe even some of the readers came out here to LA for that! My brother, Jason, was one of the lucky ones this year, and I was even luckier in that respect because I got to see him while he was here. ISEF kept him pretty busy during the week, but I had him all to myself the Saturday afternoon before. šŸ˜€
My uncle also lives pretty close by, so he took us to all these great food places in the area. After a quick tour of Avery and introducing him to some of my friends, we headed to Shin-Sen-Gumifor some legit traditional Japanese down-to-earth good-for-the-soul ramen.

Now, I’ve spent some years living in Japan–Jason was even born in Japan–so ramen is how we do.

At Shin-Sen-Gumi (and a lot of really good ramen places here), you start with the basic bowl of ramen and choose how you want to personalize it. You can choose anything from adding any of the many toppings available–they even have bacon!–to varying the oil level or noodle softness.

It was absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend going if you’re ever in the area! They’re also pretty traditional in other aspects–just like a Japanese restaurant, they greet you with an enthusiastic "Irasshaimase!"and send you off full and rotund and content with a cheerful "Arigato Gozaimasu!"
Afterwards, we hit Half and Halffor boba because my brother hasn’t had SoCal boba yet and that is an absolute must for anyone coming out here. (;

I just kind of really like boba. 6:
Maybe we overdid it, but after boba, I just had to take him to Fosselman’sfor ice cream. It’s this local, family-owned place and has hands-down the best milkshakes in the world. Naturally we just had to go…

Let’s just say it was a great weekend. Food is always something to look forward to on the weekends; Caltech doesn’t offer board on weekends, so it forces me to get out there and see what I can find. There are so many local places with wholesome, good food around here that four years seems too short to explore it all–especially when I can’t resist going back to places I really like. Here’s to my best attempt. (:
Thanks for joining us and keep lookin’ up,

Jenny Sheng