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Nerves of Steel

Making the connecting flight to Edinburgh was actually a lot easier than I thought (well then again, I kept thinking of the worst possible scenarios since I never flew internationally by myself before, and it was freaking me out). In fact, I ended up meeting a girl while we waited for our flight who was also studying at Edinburgh for the fall from UCSB! 😀 I felt a lot better after that, and a little less alone. Apparently both of us already started thinking in a British accent since I’ve only seen her once since then, but just being able to meet someone going through the same thing as me was a huge relief that day. The rest of my day, after setting foot in Edinburgh, Scotland, was tiring, very sore, and incredibly overwhelming. I got lost trying to get back to my flat from Princes Street, one of the main roads with lots of popular clothing stores etc, with my flatmate because both of us forgot to bring a map. Despite it taking us over an hour to get somewhere only 10 minutes away though, getting lost was a great way to explore everything around us. There’s so much more I could say, but it’d probably be a bore for you to read through all of it if I haven’t lost your attention already. Classes don’t start for another week, since it’s Freshers Week right now (kind of the equivalent of frosh camp). I’m sure by the end of the week I’ll have tons of more interesting things to tell you guys about, so until next time! (:

the view from my flat… (Edinburgh’s prettier than just this — I promise!)

Stephany L