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(This was written before the box arrived, so apologies for any confusion caused by the change in ingredients.)
I have no idea what to cook today. The ingredients we have left are the nappa cabbage, kale, potatos, onions, eggs, and flesh, but we can’t think of any dishes that we can make with these foods. I was planning on making some asian thing with the cabbage, but our leftover ginger had mysteriously disappeared, so that was that. There’s probably some dish out there that contains these ingredients, but, being college students with little cooking skills, we (me, Roommate S, and Friend A) didn’t know any. So we are stumped. Thankfully, The Other Friend A, who actually knows how to cook, happens to stop by while we were standing around and doing nothing. "Oh man, you should make omeletes! Kale is delicious in omeletes." So omeletes it is! Omeletes are great. All you do is dump all of your food together on top of a fried egg and eat it. There’s no need ot worry about seasoning or cooking time. It’s the laziest food ever. Also, the C-Store sells eggs, so I can spend my infinite dbal! Too bad that none of us actually know how to make omeletes.
How to Cook Omeletes (probably)

  1. Obtain eggs and things to put in omeletes.
  2. Turn things to put in omelets into small pieces.

3. Heat things in pan until GOOD ENOUGH.

4. Whatever.

So it turns out that omelets are actually kind of hard to make. It’d probably help if we tried to pile less stuffing onto the egg before we tried to omlete-ify it, but it can’t be helped.
Suddenly, Friend L showes up out of nowhere and decides to try her hand at making an omelete. Using the power of duelweilding spatulas, she manages to create the perfect omelete despite having no prior omelete cooking skills!

The finished product:

I guess the moral of this story is: even if you don’t know how to cook, you can still make food.
(The omelets were delicious.)

Chengyi L