One year down!

One year down!

Why hello there prefrosh; welcome to my little niche of what we call the Caltech Blogs! Please, take a seat!! Or a couch, or a bean bag, or even the floor if you wish!

Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Demetris (though I’m sure you picked that up from the description!) and I come from the small, yet lovely Mediterranean island of Cyprus! Don’t worry if you have no idea where that is, almost no-one does ;) I have just finished my first year here at Caltech, and will major in Electrical Engineering (yes, of course I’m doing it to build an Ironman suit!).

Exactly what does ‘Work hard, play hard’ involve, I hear you ask? Well, I was just getting to that! As you’re all aware of, Caltech is a pretty intense place, and by extension, since you all got accepted here, you’re all pretty hard-working people! To those of you who, like me, don’t consider themselves hard-working, I’ll just say “Give it a couple of terms!” You will most assuredly do amazing things here at Tech, and you will have a blast, not only because you’ll (hopefully!) love what you do, but also because when you’re done with your p-sets (yes, they do end! :o) there is literally no end of things to keep you entertained! Hence if you work hard, you’ll get to party hard too, and you’ll keep the memories you make for a lifetime!

In the spirit of this topic, I will be giving you guys (and girls!) one post on academics and one post on something fun to do every week!

Is that disbelief I see in your faces? Why should you listen to me? Let me give you a few reasons: as a EE major, I have my fair share of time-consuming work, and I will also be SURFing this summer, and will thus be able to provide you with all the work hard paradigms you need! Take for example my homework for the week before last, where I had to implement a digital alarm clock using a virtual programmable logic device!

On the other side of the spectrum, I like having fun. I really do; which is why I have tried to be involved in as many things as I can to give me all the ‘play hard’ opportunities I want! Such as firing potato cannons for Ditch Day, as seen below! Also, eveyone say hi to fellow blogger Aditya, seen to the right!

Besides participating in Caltech’s football (as a European I absolutely refuse to use soccer to describe this amazing sport) team, I am a member of the Caltech Glee Club and my Hovse’s (Ricketts) social team, play flute in a Chamber group, and have co-founded the Caltech Debating Society with one of my friends, who’s also a blogger (big shout-out to Muneeb!). And as if that wasn’t enough, I have been chosen to be a Health Ad, and will be starting training next year!

Which leads me to my final point: as much as I love having you read these blog posts, I love comments even more!! You can never have enough comments! So comment!

Seriously though, whenever you happen to have questions about any of the things I say or do (and you should have some!), feel free to drop me a comment and I will reply as soon as I can! We’re here to make sure you know exactly how awesome it is to be a Techer, and you can only find out by having us answer all your questions.

But I’m afraid our time is up for this post, so here’s a picture of me when we visited an alumna’s house in Hollywood! See you next time!

Deme “yeah, I really do all those things AND sleep” tris