Pictures from Spring Break 2014, Part 1

Pictures from Spring Break 2014, Part 1

Ever since our Venerable president Sherman had passionately advocated this Thai place on Colorado Street (just north of the Caltech campus), my roommate and I had wanted to try it out. We thought it was decent, but not great. Service was a little slow and the pad thai noodles were rather undercooked. Entrees range from $10.50 to 12 or up.

The assignment (I’ll not say what it was for) was to poke a hole through a raw potato with a straw. A plastic straw! Well, I don’t go to a tech/engineering school for nothing… Secret: 2 straws and momentum. I saw some other kids get creative, and stick their potatoes through with mechanical pencils. Use whatever you have on hand, right?

My brother bought a bag of cookie dough powder from our high school orchestra’s fundraiser and we decided to test it out while I was on spring break. We wanted to see what it would be like to follow the instructions for once, so we used all of the recommended amount of butter–1 and a half sticks. The cookies ended up very buttery, very sugary, and downright delicious, albeit very rich. It wasn’t as bad as the time I tried to make snickerdoodles out of one of my mom’s cookbooks and gave my brother a stomachache, however.

I met up with some old friends on Tuesday, wandering our hometown, and decided to browse the local Hallmark. I’m not sure what these are, only that we found them in the wine section (what was actually being sold were bottle stoppers and Paris-themed miscellany, not real wine). You never know what you’ll find in places like these!

To be continued!