Pirates? At Caltech?!

Pirates? At Caltech?!

Personally, I’d pick ninjas over pirates any day. But I’ve got to hand it to them: Pirates really do know how to party.

Yesterday was our Pirate’s dinner out on San Pasqual lawn, sponsored by our very own Caltech Dining Services (CDS). And when CDS decides to host a theme for a party/dinner, they go all out. Let’s see…for our menu, we had

  • Blimey Fire and Ice Pasta Salad (Cold and Spicy pasta…ow I can’t handle spicy foods…)
  • 1st Mate Mango Salad (Best fruit ever)
  • Anchors Away Fruit Spears

for starters, then as entrees:

  • Davy Jones Out Flanked Steak
  • Peg Leg Chicken Breasts (they really have one leg!)
  • Hooked Mahi Mahi
  • Cannon Ball Red Potatoes (we actually started throwing these around…they hurt >_<*)
  • Treasure Chest Vegetables (Golden vegetables? Really?)
  • Handtack Biscuits (amazingly fluffy and a little sweet)

Then, we topped it off with a couple of

  • Deep Sea Turtle Brownies (peanut butter chocolate chips and chocolate galore)
  • Ship Wrecked Cake (Didn’t quite look like a ship…who cares? Probably the best dessert I’ve ever had)
  • And finally, they pulled out a miniature model of a pirate boat (4 feet long, 3 feet tall…at least). This was a 21 layer cake of vanilla and chocolate, covered in icing to resemble Jack Sparrow’s on ship from Pirates of the Caribbean.

But that’s enough about the food. They even got us all pirate hats and beachballs!

There were only about…100 of these. A spontaneous dodgeball fight ensued shortly after dinner….no casualties though!

Oh, here’s our Senior Student Body President for next year. No worries, she didn’t eat that all by herself…I think.

Did I mention the hats? A lucky few got captain versions too…

But yeah, definitely one of the many perks about Caltech. See ya around, mate!