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Postcards from Jenny

As I was reminiscing about my study abroad experience last year, I dug up this old post that never got posted…

Hello there!
During my weekend in London, i got to try plenty of yummy food in addition to visiting all the touristy places. As much as i love my own comfort food, trying the comfort food of other cultures is always fun, too. i think food has become more than just nourishment and an energy refill–the environment and people matter, too! Sharing even a meager meal with great company is satisfying, but in a different way. Check out all the food experiences i shared with friends in London!
Snack Spots
Canton in Chinatown

My friend’s vegetarian stir fry crispy noodle (: Oh man, this place was great for a late scrumptious dinner! It was a pretty small place, but the service was prompt and the food was tasty. Chinatown is also pretty gentle on the wallet, too, especially in London!
My friends in London use the term "London-price" for anything, well, priced averagely in London. Chinatown was still London-price for Chinese food but not that bad in general.

Chinatown Bakery in Chinatown

Borough Market

Kingsway Hall Hotel


If you love gelato, this is great stop for you! i was surprised at the plethora of gelato and ice cream places i’ve seen so far in the UK–you’d think it would be too cold! That’s what I thought… until I remembered that where there’s a will, there’s a way. Naturally, then, where heating systems have been invented, there are gelato places! Just kidding; the London afternoon thankfully wasn’t chilly in the slightest, and we even had lots of sun.

Gelato is fabuloso anywhere, anywhen, and Gelatorino was so promptly present to fulfill our craving. I often go for raspberry, but there were so many other flavors that it was difficult to choose. The service at Gelatorino is as splendid as the gelato itself–even though the place was packed, the gelato server was kind enough to explain all the different flavors to me. You can see the flavors here. Even flavors like chocolate chip had fancy names like stracciatella. Maybe it’s a universal thing, but my tongue doesn’t need to know the name, only the taste, hehe. Ultimately, i went with raspberry as usual, and it was the correct decision. They all would have been correct decisions. Just get all the flavors, capiche?
…so those are some of the places i managed to visit during my short stay in London! If you have favorites you highly recommend, please share in the comments below! i’d love to try them next time (:
i love how Caltech has an exchange program with University College London (UCL), too. i got to meet up and stay with friends who are part of that program. There’s a connection among the people with whom you study abroad, but there’s a different sort of connection with the friends who are studying abroad in different places–when you do get to meet up, you can explore each place together! When my best friend (who kindly hosted me in London) comes over to Edinburgh, i’ll get to show her around. It would’ve been fun to be at the same uni (what people here call university), but we’re starting to realize more fully the benefits of being in different places. (;
cheers + keep lookin’ up!

Jenny Sheng