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Prefrosh are trickling in

Already, prefrosh and their parents are stumbling around Caltech’s campus, eating lunch and dinner with current undergraduates, touring the Houses, even visiting classes. (I think I saw one of the prefrosh in the Bi1x class this morning!)
Here’s a list of nice, nearby places to visit, for the parents and prefrosh with extra time.

Pasadena definitely has its own charm. Most of these are walkable, but Din Tai Fung and 99 Ranch require a car or public transportation.

  • Huntington Library: a treasure trove. Housed in an unpretentious building inside the Huntington Gardens are the original Canterbury tales, one of the first edition Gutenberg bibles, original writings from all your favorite scientists (Newton, Pasteur, Galileo, Kepler), and so many more.

  • Old Pasadena/Paseo: cute bakeries, yummy restaurants, shops, anda movie theater.

  • Europane: my favorite bakery in Pasadena, and it’s walking distance from campus! Try their egg salad sandwich, which one critic called "the best egg salad sandwich in the SoCal area."
  • Din Tai Fung: a dumpling chain, rumored to have the best soup dumplings around. Watch out– the lines are very long if you hit the place on a weekend.

If you want something showier, there are some interesting places in L.A.

  • Koreatown, Little Tokyo, Little Ethiopia, Thai Town, etc.: delicious and new. If you’re adventurous and haven’t had Ethiopian food before, I recommend Little Ethiopia.

  • Hollywood!
  • Rodeo Drive/Beverly Hills Center: go here for pure sticker shot. The prices are ridiculous and some of the outfits are absolutely garish, but it’s fun to contemplate the life of someone who can buy and wear such expensive clothing on a regular basis.

With more time, you can even make a trip up to Santa Monica, Laguna Beach, Disneyland….

This Spring Break, I went to Koreatown for the first time. Guess which one of the dishes below is pig intestines?

It’s the dish on the bottom left, the one that looks like seaweed-wrapped pork. Surprisingly, pig intestines are delicious.