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President’s Day Food Adventures

President’s Day was an institute holiday, so no food was provided by Caltech’s meal plan. I decided to take full advantage of this to try some new places and visit some old ones.

Bea Bea’s – Burbank, CA
Bea Bea’s is a popular breakfast place located in a Burbank strip mall. I had an early brunch with my mom since my family lives nearby. We had the green tea pancakes and the corned beef hash. Bea Bea’s is known for their pancakes, and they also have other cool flavors like Thai Tea.

Big Catch Seafood House – Alhambra, CA
My friends and I went to Big Catch Seafood House for happy hour. Happy hour is from 4-6:30pm Monday – Saturday. During happy hour, they have $1 oysters, which is one of the cheapest prices around for restaurant oysters. My friends and I each ate 8 oysters for an evening snack.

Bon Appetea Cafe – Alhambra, CA
After eating at Big Catch Seafood House, we walked down the street to Bon Appetea Cafe. I’m a big fan of boba, so I got an iced matcha latte with boba. Bon Appetea also has sandwiches, salads, desserts, and free wifi. They also have a stamp card, and if you get 10 stamps you get a free drink.

EE Convenient Store – Arcadia, CA
Finally, for a late night snack, I went to EE convenient store. EE convenient store is like an Asian 7-11. They have delicious Asian snacks including chips, cake, oden, ramen, onigiri, and more. I go here whenever I’m craving a taste of my childhood.

Bea Bea’s

Big Catch Seafood House

Bon Appetea Cafe

EE Convenient Store