Racing the Clock!!

Racing the Clock!!

Right now, I am blogging from the SFL library on the first floor…and I probably shouldn’t be…

It is 3pm right now, and I have a homework set due at 5pm! YIKES…my heart is kind of racing, I’m typing like a maniac and chugging coffee….

Don’t worry too much though, since I only have one problem left (I worked last night until 4am with my study group)…and now we are cramming to finish up before we need to run it in.

I am not used to working on a set a few hours before it’s due—I’m usually the “finish it up the night before” kind of girl…but CDS110 has made me succumb this term.

Other great news?!?–It is the last day of classes for the term–and MY LAST SET FOR THE TERM! WOOHOO!!! and to make things even better—bc my next (and last!) two terms are super chill, I have a feeling this will be one of the last times I will be scurrying to finish up sets or working really late into the night. :D so there’s lots to be happy about…

except for next week….FINALS!!!