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Random // Photo Dump [Part 1]

So I have a lot of pictures that I’ve randomly taken but don’t quite merit a blog post. Therefore, this is pretty much a photo dump of random things I’ve done at Caltech, many of which are actually from first term.

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Avery House Pumpkin Carving

I have quite a few friends in Avery, and I went to the pumpkin carving event at Tom Mannion’s house! He supplied us with a lot of food…

****Pumpkin pie!

Our dead pumpkin :]

On fire!

Rest of the pumpkins:

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Penguin and mini-pumpkin!

Ahhh…this is Charmander but you can’t really tell 🙁

  • This witch was awesome.*

Chemistry Explosions!

Many of you have probably seen videos of explosions of elements when thrown into the water. In Ch1a, the chemistry TAs did those experiments here at the Millikan Pond.



Cesium which reacted before it even exploded into the water!

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Random stuff!

So on most Fridays, a bunch of people set up DDR and play. There are some people here who are really amazing at DDR. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I have yet to play a round where I do not fail…sigh. And I usually play on a very easy level…


Most people stayed at Caltech over Thanksgiving, during which we cooked!

  • *Yay cooking.

Lots of awesome Asian food that we cooked :]
Ok that’s it for now 🙂 I’ll put up some more stuff later.

Jenny Yung