Random // Photo Dump [Part 1]

Random // Photo Dump [Part 1]

So I have a lot of pictures that I’ve randomly taken but don’t quite merit a blog post. Therefore, this is pretty much a photo dump of random things I’ve done at Caltech, many of which are actually from first term.

* *
**Avery House Pumpkin Carving**
I have quite a few friends in Avery, and I went to the pumpkin carving event at Tom Mannion's house! He supplied us with a lot of food...

*****Pumpkin pie!*

*Our dead pumpkin :]*

*On fire!* Rest of the pumpkins: * *



*Penguin and mini-pumpkin!*

*Ahhh...this is Charmander but you can't really tell :(*

* This witch was awesome.*

**Chemistry Explosions!**
Many of you have probably seen videos of explosions of elements when thrown into the water. In Ch1a, the chemistry TAs did those experiments here at the Millikan Pond.



*Cesium which reacted before it even exploded into the water!* * *

**Random stuff!**
So on most Fridays, a bunch of people set up DDR and play. There are some people here who are really amazing at DDR. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. I have yet to play a round where I do not fail...sigh. And I usually play on a very easy level...

*LOL Gee* **Thanksgiving** Most people stayed at Caltech over Thanksgiving, during which we cooked!

** * **Yay cooking. *

** ***Lots of awesome Asian food that we cooked :]* Ok that's it for now :) I'll put up some more stuff later. **