Road to the Rose Bowl Part 2

Road to the Rose Bowl Part 2

Jan 1 - Morning (in retrospect)** The Rose Parade begins at 8am but if you want a really really good seat, you’ve got to camp out your spot. Walking down Colorado St. the night before, you can see residents putting down tarps and putting up tents to claim their territory. We didn’t go to such drastic measures but were still lucky enough to get standing room on the curb. One of the silliest things about the parade were the organizers you could see walking around, keeping people back. They were wearing reallybrilliant white suitswith red ties and bright red socks and looked altogether ridiculous. Combined with thebrilliant whitemopeds that a few of them were driving around just brought it all together. The floats were beautiful and grand, just what you would expect from such a huge national event. It was hard for us to take nice pictures, but here’s a sample of my favorites courtesy of the official Tournament of Roses Facebook page.

Jan 1 - Afternoon So it turns out that Stanford with their massive alumni association booked out the golf course just north of the Rose Bowl Stadium for a tailgating event. Imagine a beautiful rolling green draped with red banners and white balloons and framed by hotdog stands and cornhole boards. It was great. Free food and a ton of people all getting ready for the big game together.

This is it! We got unbelievable seats. I was sitting in the actual third row from the green right next to the wacky Stanford marching band in the Stanford student section (The Red Zone) facing the end zone. So cool! Stanford ended up losing but it was a very tight game all the way to the finish and I know the Michigan State guys were real happy with themselves. All in all, thanks to Stanford for the tickets and good luck for next year!

From my family to yours, Happy New Year.

Until next time, Alison