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Running Away From Midterms (towards Old Pas, and more coffee)

Ohhhhh myyyy goddddddd I’m so caffeinated.

I spent three hours this morning working on my CS24 midterm, and took a short break to do some writing for my En 127 (Jane Austen) class. My 24 midterm is 6 hours, in multiple sittings. I got about 50% of the work done and debugged and decided I was done for the day. Suzy knocked on my door around 4pm, feeling down and out about stressful EE 40 and EE 52 work. We ate some dark chocolate, talked, and decided that what we both needed was to get off campus and get some coffee (it helps that I also needed fodder for another blog post this week!)

We walked all the way to Old Pas to go to Amara’s Coffee and Chocolate. It’s a cute little cafe on Green st. and Fair Oaks.

They specialize in Spanish Churros, drinking chocolate, and gluten free sandwiches. We indulged in some churros (with dark chocolate for dipping) and lattes.

I forgot that they would be lattes with double espresso shots, and my Dulce de Leche latte is hitting me right now and I’m literally bouncing up and down at my desk. It also helps that I’ve replaced my desk chair with an exercise ball, so bouncing is easy!

I’ve got a little bit more work to do today, so let’s see if I can sit still long enough to get any writing done. Wish me luckkkkkkkk