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San Diego Sun

Hey there!

I just got back from a beach weekend in San Diego. I’m a little fried – both mentally and physically. My skin is a disturbing shade of pink.

On Friday, we had pulled pork at work for lunch. I finished development on the last feature of my project and started debugging/refactoring. There was a wine tasting after work, but I couldn’t actually drink any wine so I sat around and ate their snacks. It was actually really lovely.

After the wine tasting I hopped on a plane to San Diego, where I got picked up and brought to my friend’s parents’ beach house. It’s a beautiful place. That night we just lounged around. Everyone else had already been there all day and they went to the San Diego Zoo, so they were all exhausted. We all fell asleep maybe an hour after I got there.

The next morning we woke up at 8:45 and got dressed and stuff. Breakfast, served by the lovely and always hospitable Barbara (owner of the beach house), was cheese bread with cream cheese and lox, plus eggs and bacon and fruit and tomatoes and onion. Mmmm. I ate so much, like four plates of food.

That day we went outlet mall shopping in Carlsbad. I liked it, I bought an insanely inexpensive jacket that looked really good on me. We then went to Encinitas downtown and did some secondhand store shopping.

We had dinner at La Fiesta in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter. It was all right. Walking around the district was fun too, but there isn’t really anything to do there but eat (and drink, if you’re old enough).

The next morning, we woke up early and went out to the deck to watch the ocean. We saw dolphins! It was really nice. There were amazing donuts for breakfast. Then we went down to the beach and spent hours swimming, reading, bodysurfing, and boogie-boarding. It was just a beautiful day. I wish it had burned me less though.

At 4:45 we had strawberry smoothies in the hot tub. We had a pizza snack for those of us (me) who had to leave early. I then got driven to the airport and flew back.

Today at work, it was the first Monday of the month, so there were breakfast burritos (yay!). I worked all day, did a few miles on the treadmill desk, and did some pretty challenging after-work yoga. An instructor came into the office and I worked out with some coworkers. I do like yoga.

I had a great weekend. My summer is starting to come to its end, and that’s sad; I am enjoying myself so much. I do have athletic season to look forward to!

Until next time,