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Scout out modern art

Leaving the museum, we ran into a self-serve boba truck and got decently priced beverages (with all the topping you could ever want!) that came with a cute glass bottle.

We went to the Little Tokyo plaza where we met up with a friend who had just finished up a card game tournament and checked out a couple stores that were basically Japanese pop art galleries. There were a series of miniature art that were displayed on the wall with magnifying glasses.

What I thought was interesting was a simple toilet toy among all the other anime figures in their display case. Could it be that this is a nod to DuChamps’ infamous urinal? This urinal wasa piece done in the spirit of Dadaism and questions the definition of art (can an urinal picked out from the factory be art?) and also the role of the artist (are you an artist if you don’t physically make your piece yourself?). What do you think?

Ker Lee