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Secret Santa!

Our house had a Secret Santa Gift Exchange last week. It’s a house tradition where we are randomly matched up with a person to gift, and someone else gives you a present as well. Depending on how well you know the person you’re gifting, sometimes people will gift gag gifts as a “Secret Satan”. The gift comes with a hint to help the receiver guess the person that gifted them. We open all the presents together in our house lounge, and it’s hilarious to see whom people guess as their gift giver and the actual gifts.

So for my gift, I found this neat DIY gift idea over break. Turns out, Sharpie marker will become permanent on porcelain if you bake it at about 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Something about the glaze will melt together with the ink and keep it there. I found a porcelain cup at home and drew on his initials. My sister thought it was cool so I made one for her too!

My sister’s is the one on the left. This photo was just taken on our countertop at home, and with the flash you can’t see the dishes I hadn’t washed in the background, yay.

I had put chocolates in the cup, but when my flight was delayed flying back to Tech from the storms, my friend and I sat at the terminal and ate all of them. But then I just bought more so it’s okay.

The gift I received is quite special. An international student gave me a box from his home country wrapped in a scarf! And written along with the gift cleverly was “the hint is the box”.

This is perfect because now I have a place to put my earrings!

Fleming is really like a big family, as are the other houses. The description as our home away from home is actually true. Here’s to us!



Monica Li