Sequoia National Park

Sequoia National Park

During a random weekend in 3rd term, my boyfriend and I visited Sequoia National Park. It’s a 4 hour drive north, but it’s totally worth it. It was beautiful!

I rented gear from the Caltech Y for camping. It was only $9 for the weekend (Fri-Mon rental); the Caltech Y is super convenient for renting gear if you don’t have your own :) This is our campsite!

We went on several different hikes around the area. There were huge waterfalls, green meadows, towering mountains, and roaring rivers. In certain areas, it was really foggy, and it seemed to be consistently foggy in those areas.

On one of our hikes, I saw a cute marmot! It was trying to take my food though, so I had to scare it away.

There are also beautiful lakes in Sequoia, in addition to the towering trees. In the lowlands, there are also lots of wildflowers – on a 1 hour hike, we probably saw 100+ different plants!