Singapore Zoo

Singapore Zoo

Apparently Singapore’s Zoo is pretty famous, and turns out it was actually humongous, with many, many different kinds of animals. The enclosures are all pretty open, so the animals wander around as they like. Right when you enter, there’s a set of trees that have families of small monkeys living in them, and it’s not even fenced. Not entirely sure why they all stay there, but I guess it’s their home! What I liked most about the zoo was that many of the enclosures had the names of the animals listed, along with a picture and a characteristic that set them apart. It made the whole experience more personal, and it was fun to try and identify which one was which!

Inside, I saw a very large, sleepy looking polar bear named Inuka.

Then, I met a family of otters that wandered into the orangutan enclosure, and then one of the orangutans started to try and scare them! It was pretty funny to watch.

I also watched animals being fed in the safari area, including african painted dogs, lions, cheetahs, meerkats, giraffes, rhinos, and more.

And I even stood in line with lots of small kids so that I too, could feed an elephant :)