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SoCal Safari

Having grown up in Southern California, I came to Caltech with a good knowledge of cool places to visit in the area. This last weekend I went down to theSan Diego Zoo Safari Park(formerly known as the San Diego Wild Animal Park) with my family. It’s a wonderous place I’ve loved going to for as long as I can remember, so I thought it was worth advertising to all you potential Techers that might be visiting the area.

When we walked in, we were greated by this golden eagle and her keeper.

First stop was across the park for another wildlife encouter. Every day at designated times and places in the park keepers bring out animal embassadors for visitors to meet. This is Tatoo the three-banded armadillo.

Tatoo’s keeper chases him around this big grassy area, telling visitors all about tatoo and armadillos in general while Tatoo forages for bugs. Sometimes Tatoo tries to escape….

And sometimes Tatoo mistakes shoes for food.

In summary: armadillos are adorable.

Other highlights of the day include this giraffe who really wanted to eat that palm tree:

And this 10-day-old elephant, hiding in mom’s shadow. I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest thing on the face of the planet:

Besides looking at adorable animals, there’s lot of other cool stuff to do! For example, here’s my brother pretending to be a monkey:

More monkey shenanigans!

All in all, a good day. Definitley recommend it as a place to go visit if you find yoursefl in So Cal.