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Spring Break


It has only been three short days, and I have already seen four very different aspects of Lima, the first of which I mentioned in my last post: ancient Lima. Yesterday afternoon, this morning, and this afternoon, I met three other Limas.

Well-off Lima – MirafloresThis is the Lima I met first. We toured around it the previous day and saw the Parque del Amor (Love Park). This is the Lima with Puntos Azul, a yummy ceviche place. (Ceviche is a result of Japanese influence. It´sfish, cooked in acid from limes rather than with heat. And it´s delicious.) This is the Lima in which we went paragliding, which took us above the tallest of fancy hotels, above theirswimming pools and ceiling-to-floor windows, above the beautiful ocean andlush green landscape, above the teensy surfers, high enough to see that Lima still stretched beyond our field of view… This is the Lima that felt privileged and made us wonder how the contrast became so stark. This Lima is gorgeous and filled with parks along the coast. This Lima beckons totourists with a smile.

More to come later, depending on the state of the wifi in this hostel… and the availability of this computer. Stay tuned for Suzy´s posts, too! It´s been really great hanging out with her and getting to know her on this trip. She´s super fun 😀

Jenny Sheng