Sushiritos are Soy-Awesome!

Sushiritos are Soy-Awesome!

Over the weekend, my boyfriend, a couple friends, and I decided to try one of the newest food fads: the sushirito. For those of you who don’t know, a sushirito is a hybrid between sushi and a burrito. It’s the size of a burrito, but is made out of the traditional sushi ingredients.

My boyfriend has a car, so we all piled in and made our way to Nori Sushi Wraps in South Pasadena, only a few minutes away from campus! When we got there, we were greeted with a very California, clean aesthetic–copper fixtures everywhere, green plants, and lots of sunshine coming in through the windows.

As a vegetarian, I was only able to order one of the things on the menu, but that was fine with me, because it sounded great. I got a sushirito with tempura portobello mushroom, cucumber, avocado, kanpyo (a type of yummy squash), seaweed salad, kale lettuce slaw, and garlic soy sauce. For those who were not vegetarian, they also had shrimp-, yellowtail-, salmon-, and chicken-flavored sushiritos, among others. Their drink selection was not to shabby either; they had everything from authentic Japanese sodas to matcha.

Everything we got tasted great. I still had a little “burrito bust” happen to me (the phenomenon where your burrito decides to come undone while it’s being eaten), but other than that, eating a sushirito was a unique experience. Unlike traditional sushi, the whole burrito isn’t eaten in one bite (although, that would be pretty impressive), meaning that each bite is its own, yummy experience.

Besides just eating, I was also able to practice my Japanese. There was both Japanese Katakana and English on the melon soda bottle my boyfriend ordered, meaning that while I was munching, I was also learning more words! Hopefully, at Caltech, I will have the time to take a beginner’s Japanese course for one of my humanities! While the food didn’t last very long, I had a great time and definitely plan on going back!

Here's half of my sushirito! I forgot to mention, along with the burrito, we also got wonton chips!