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Temple City(scape)

OPI is in 5 days! Everything’s been coming together in the last week; we finished up putting the plywood on the temple using the scaffolding, and now the tip (which you can barely see in the picture) goes 28 feet up in the air:
We also got up the wallboards on the bottom of the temple, which water will flow over.

most of the cityscape and mountain background is in. The cityscape is cut
out of drywall or OSB, about 5 feet high, and placed 3 feet from the
dance floor. Another foot behind that, we have a full wallboard of
mountainscape. It’s actually really cool — in one corner, we have a
sunset and the sky fading from yellow and orange to dark blue on the
other side of the party. Here you can see us touching up some of the cityscape, and one board still has to go on.

The courtyard is a lot messier than it looks; we’ve got tons of tools and spare plywood and drywall lying around on the dance floor. It also started raining earlier today, which is not really great for drywall (it tends to disintegrate), so we had to cover a lot of the cityscapes with plastic. Here’s an overall view:

We’ve also finally started on the water system, which is probably going to take up most of our time for the next few days. In my next post I’ll detail exactly how it works, and exactly how much it leaks! Exciting.

Kirit Karkare